CREATIVE is one word that describe me. I was born in a small town of Albany,Ga. I hope to take the Fashion industry by storm one day. I eat sleep and breathe fashion. It’s my passion, it is my life. Its also my purpose. Im very outgoing, kind, and approachable.I attended Bauder College in Atlanta briefly where I learned how to illustrate fashion. And hopefully I can blend the world of fashion and world of business and be a successful designer. As a black woman I want to break the burden we have in the industry. And bring the world of Fashion to the south where it should be. Perhaps, make Atlanta a fashion capital. You can contact me at shaeshade@gmail.com if you need any custom clothing, brand development, and styling.






3 thoughts on “About

  1. Bag Lady Boutique is always seeking inspiring fashion designers to highlight on our blog site. Hope you don’t mind if we reblog your post. We are a company that support others by promoting their crafts and business. I want to commend you on your endeavors and much success to you. And hopefully, in the future we may can work together by presenting your fashions at our boutique.

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